Personal Valet Delivery Service
We know you may be pressed for time or have important matters that you tend to, so we have a complimentary pickup and delivery service to make your experience as easy and convenient as possible. 
How to Sign Up
There are two ways to sign up to receive our complimentary delivery service. 

1) Call us at 239-262-6121 where one of our friendly staff would be glad to help  

2) Give us your preliminary information via the Delivery Sign Up form below and
    we will give you a call to finish setting up your account. 

At the time of your first pick up, you will recieve a complimentary garment bag to put your articles in for next time.

Pick Up & Delivery Schedule
Pick Ups: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Drop Offs: Wednesday, Friday

Garments for pick up must be in a bag and put outside your door or in a predetermined designated area by 8:00A.M on a scheduled pick up day. 

Special requests can be accomodated. 

We respect your privacy and do not sell or share your information with third parties.

Delivery Sign Up
Special Requests: